Advanced micro grinding solutions of bioceramic materials according to the European MICROMAN project

Pablo Fook is a Brazilian research fellow at Laboratory for Precision Machining (LFM) of University of Bremen (UniBremen - Germany). Pablo works in the European project MICROMAN developing new methods to enhance the ductile grinding process of ceramic dental implants. Pablo is an Early Stage Researcher (ESR) under the supervision of Dr.-Ing. Oltmann Riemer and his industrial partners are Schott Diamantwerkzeuge GmbH, a worldwide supplier of grinding tools, and SIOS Meßtechnik GmbH, a leading specialist manufacturer of precision laser-interferometric measuring systems.

Micro grinding provides a theoretical and practical basis for the high-efficiency grinding of dental ceramic products. However, there is no set of comprehensive performance evaluation related to the monitoring of grinding parameters and their correlation with overall workpiece integrity as well as surface and sub-surface layer characteristics. Based on Pablo’s investigations, the process fingerprint concept can provide a better understanding of the micro grinding control of ceramic dental parts as a metrology-based tool combining in-line/in-situ metrologies (e.g. vibration control, tool wear detection, process forces and acoustic emission) and off-line measurements (i.e. the work result, like residual stresses, surface roughness and bending strength) to obtain a more trustworthy machining process.

“Besides my current work in the micro grinding processes, the MICROMAN consortium has been giving a great experience in micromanufacturing technologies through our regular workshops and meetings”, says the materials engineer. He emphasizes his plans after the period in Bremen: “In the future, I wish to collaborate for strengthening the academic and industrial partnerships between my home country and Europe”.

Pablo holding a bioceramic workpiece and some of the grinding tools used in his research at LFM in Bremen.





Friedhelm Kleine, SCHOTT Diamantwerkzeuge GmbH: 

“SCHOTT Diamantwerkzeuge GmbH runs a number of research projects in close cooperation with research institutes in Germany and abroad. The aim of these projects is the permanent increase and improvement of processing methods with our tools, mainly in the field of new materials and compound materials and also the application of ultrasonic for dental and medical technology. In this regard, it has been a great opportunity to cooperate with Pablo who has sustained us to expand our micro-grinding competencies in different types of alumina- and zirconia-based ceramics. As a MICROMAN fellow at LFM, Pablo has been very collaborative during the project giving us valuable feedback for our production and development of the grinding tools.”

Fun Facts:

Pablo has until now:

  • Supervised 2 bachelor thesis and 1 master project
  • Organised the MICROMAN workshop entitled “Micro Tooling and Grinding” in Bremen (June 2017)
  • Been the tutor of the practical lecture “Präzisionsbearbeitung” (Precision machining) at UniBremen
  • Given oral presentations at international conferences and scientific events
  • Investigated micro-grinding under 4 types of alumina- and zirconia-based ceramics