Jet Electrochemical Machining; a flexible technology to make microstructures machining possible

Matin Yahyavi works under the framework of European projet MICROMAN at Chemnitz University of Technology. His research focus is Jet-ECM product characteristics and process monitoring

The Early Stage Researcher Matin Yahyavi works at the department of Mechanical Engineering of Chemnitz University of Technology within the European project MICROMAN. He does his research in the Professorship Micromanufacturing Technology under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Andreas Schubert and PD Dr. Matthias Hackert-Oschätzchen.

The area of his research is micromanufacturing technologies, mainly Jet Electrochemical Machining (Jet-ECM). The process is used for variety of applications from machining microreactors to finishing of micro bores for fuel injection systems.

The innovative training network MICROMAN has given Matin a deep insight to micromanufacturing techniques. “It is great to attend MICROMAN workshops since the material is taught by highly knowledgable scienctists in the fields and the presence of other ESRs from different areas of research might lead to brilliant ideas to come up. Besides, getting familiar with different techniques brings a nice view and understanding of micro manufacturing process chain”.

In order to find Innovative technological solutions for high quality and zero-defect net-shape μ-manufacturing, Matin´s main focus is to investigate the characteristics of the microstructures on the workpieces machined by Jet-ECM with different sets of machining parameters. On the other hand, he investigates on the reaction of process parameters to the changes of workpiece features. He systematically analysis the logic behind these reactions using in-process metrology and in-line/off-line quality control.

Matin has participated at different scientific conferences like the International Symposium on Electrochemical Machining Technology INSECT and has presented his research work orally or in the poster presentation form.

Besides several SMEs one main industrial research partner of the project is the Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology IWU. Fraunhofer is one of the biggest industrial research organizations in the world. In Fraunhofer IWU, where he does various secondments, he takes the advantages of excellent equipment and highly educated experts in different fields of research, like Dr. Jan Edelmann and Dr. Gunnar Meichsner.






Fun Facts

Matin has until now:

  • Machining 1500 microstructures by Jet-ECM
  • More than 500 hours of working with confocal microscopes for measuring the formed microstructures
  • Active contact to the project industrial partner at least twice a week from the beginning