Krishna tuning his newly developed prototype setup of hybrid laser-electrochemical micromachining

Development of a novel hybrid micromachining process using combination of micro-ECM and laser within the framework of MICROMAN project

Krishna Kumar Saxena, a doctoral scholar and Marie Curie Early Stage researcher at KU Leuven, working in the European project MICROMAN has developed a novel hybrid micromachining process and a prototype setup to machine novel materials with conductivity variations.

Krishna is a part of Micro and Precision Engineering group of Mechanical Engineering department at KU Leuven, Belgium and is working under the supervision of Prof. Dominiek Reynaerts and Dr. Jun Qian.

“The diverse nature of trainings given during the course of MICROMAN project has broadened my knowledge horizon related to different micromanufacturing technologies ” says Krishna.

His research focusses on development of a hybrid micromachining process using combination of pulsed micro-ECM and laser and a prototype machine to  realize the same in practice. The purpose of development of this hybrid micromachining technology is to combine two process energies on single machining axis so as to exploit additional benefits from their interaction. The main application is in machining advanced materials with slight conductivity variations such as coated superalloys and additively manufactured materials.

In particular, the ESR investigates how to combine two process energies (laser and electrochemical) on same machining axis by utilizing knowledge of several physical phenomenon, investigation on material removal mechanisms when two process energies act simultaneously on same machining axis and evaluation of process fingerprint with an aim to make this hybrid process deterministic.

In his recent review paper and book chapters, Krishna presents a detailed background of electrochemical micromachining technology and its hybrid variants. These publications will serve as a knowledge-base for researchers working towards development of novel hybrid micromachining technologies. 

Krishna presenting at CIRP ISEM 2018 conference in Bilbao, Spain.






Fun Facts

In the first two years of the project, Krishna has:

  • Published one review paper in International Journal of Machine tool and Manufacture.
  • Received ONA Electroerosion SA (Bilbao, Spain) award for his research paper in CIRP ISEM 2018 conference.
  • Published two  book chapters on hybrid machining in a book indexed by Elsevier.