Pushing the boundaries of microinjection moulding technologies for microneedle arrays at the Centre for Polymer Micro and Nano Technology

Micro-manufacturing solutions are implemented at the University of Bradford in the scope of MICROMAN project for high-volume manufacturing of microneedles, which is the future of drug delivery technologies.

Mert Gulcur is a trained materials engineer who works as one of the Marie-Curie Fellows for MICROMAN project under supervision of Prof. Ben Whiteside at the Centre for Polymer Micro and Nano Technology, University of Bradford. Mert’s project within MICROMAN is focused on addressing the challenges of microinjection moulding technologies and discovering the advantages of the novel ultrasonic moulding technology for manufacturing of microneedle arrays.

His research topic is an interdisciplinary one and he is involved in both micromoulding process and tooling technologies.  Apart from the microinjection moulding and tooling processes, he is also setting up a low-cost inspection system that can carry out quality inspection onsite for microneedle arrays that is going to be a challenging task for industry in the future.

 “My particular ESR project is very well thought in the first place and addresses most of the important problems in micromanufacturing for medical devices.” says the ESR. “I am working on the manufacturing and processing side but my work also involves optics and design. It is basically what I wanted from a PhD project and I am glad to take part in such an interdisciplinary project”.

He is also very satisfied with the collaborative work, which is being in MICROMAN. “For my project, I have to be in close contact and do experiments together with 4 different universities and 2 companies which is a fantastic opportunity for seeing both academic and industrial work.” Says the fellow.

Mert’s work will provide significant input for commercialisation of microneedle technology for the future and the project’s interdisciplinary side always opens new opportunities for international collaboration.

Mert is presenting his work at P70 – Polymer International Conference, University of Bradford



Mert Gulcur:

“One of the most important things I have learned by working in this project is that the collaboration is the ultimate key for any commercial and scientific success.” 


Fun Facts

  • Mert will have travelled to more than 10 countries to participate in conferences, workshops and secondments for MICROMAN project until the end of 2019.
  • Until the end of his project, he will have moulded more than 1.000.000 polymeric microneedles.
  • His work is a very good combination of engineering and science.