Integrated metrology for micro manufacturing – Increases the productivity of modern manufacturing technology (Industry 4.0)

Teguh Santoso, researcher at Advanced Manufacturing Technology Research Group of University of Nottingham, working in the European project MICROMAN to develop microscale form and surface texture in-situ/in-line small sensor.

Teguh Santoso is an Early Stage Researcher of the European project MICROMAN and PhD candidate at University of Nottingham, Manufacturing Metrology Team, working under the supervision of Professor Richard Leach and Doctor Wahyudin Syam. In this project he is working in close collaboration with ALICONA (Graz – Austria), one of the leading companies in producing the optical 3D surface measurement solutions.

Advances in production technologies demand fast and accurate in-line metrology so that part inspection does not become a bottle-neck in the manufacturing process chain. However, many manufacturing industries still do not implement in-line metrology due to lack of available methods that can be conveniently adapted to their production systems. In-line metrology measures appropriate parameters immediately after the associated process step is finished. Therefore, modern production technology efficiency can be improved both in traditional and smart factories. These days many manufacturing companies are starting to adopt in-line metrology as a tool to address issues with the “fourth industrial revolution” (Industry 4.0); the platform for the factory of tomorrow.

His project aims to develop a fast and accurate non-contact optical in-line metrology module for form and surface texture. Many aspects of precision design will be applied in the development of the module. In addition, calibration methods and a performance verification infrastructure will be developed to ensure the optical instrument’s traceability. Furthermore, the module will utilise smartphone-like electronics borrowed from the mobile phone industry that also incorporate wireless LAN features to ease integration and communication.

Teguh assembling the sensor at Manufacturing Metrology Laboratory, Uni. Of Nottingham.





Teguh Santoso:

“All training provided by MICROMAN are really useful to enrich my knowledge in the field of micro-manufacturing. Additionally, having a collaboration with industrial partner to carry out my research project is a valuable experience”