Micro Extrusion

Micro Extrusion (ESR 10). State-of-the-art 

Micro extrusion technology is a valid alternative for the production of micro components with complex features and tight tolerances. Micro-extrusion represents a valid solution for some industry such as the biomedical plastic field, despite its many challenging aspects.

Recently, metal feedstock has been extruded to produce metallic parts after sinterization. Application in the micro-field became nowadays possible, thus opening the possibility for designing a new process chain for micro die manufacturing for the production of precise metallic components (workpieces with hollow structures as multilumen microtubes).

Fingerprint concept implementation

Several aspects of the feedstock extrusion process need to be improved, such as the composition of the feedstock itself and the design of the machine components in order to maximize the homogeneity of the extruded parts properties. The effects of the process control variables on the part quality in terms of dimensional, geometrical and surface accuracy (i.e. fingerprints) will be characterized along all the process chain. The development of advanced process monitoring will be supported by dedicated measurement instruments (e.g. temperature, pressure and force) and by advanced data analysis methods.

Expected progress beyond current state-of-the-art

The development, testing and characterization of a new process chain for the feedstock extrusion process will be realized in this project and the solutions will be developed according to the requirements of industrial implementations. New in-line measurement techniques of the extruded products will be developed increasing the knowledge about process control optimization strategies and identification of the critical factors to control for quality improvement. Finally, the optimal off-line inspection methodologies of the new products will be realized thus allowing consistent part quality characterization. The fingerprint concept for micro extrusion will be validated on a microtube production with application in the medical sector (aided fecundation tubes, radiotherapy electrodes for pain control, mini invasive local cancer treatments, surgery tools for brain aneurysms treatments).

22 MAY 2018