Micro Bulk Metal Forming

ESR 12 – Micro Bulk Metal Forming. State-of-the-art 

Micro bulk forming is often defined as production of parts by forming methods with at least two part dimensions in the sub-millimeter range. A number of basic research projects have dealt with the deviations from linear size continuum, also known as size effects, which arise within forming of micro metallic components.

Investigations have been done on the tribological conditions in micro forming and novel lubrication methods. Research has shown the potential of integrating micro forming into μ-productions facilities (i.e. μ-factories), but only few industrialized production platforms have yet been realized.

Fingerprint concept implementation
The fingerprint of the forming process will be realized by in-process monitoring of the forming parameters. A strong correlation between the process and the micro metal formed product will be established. When applied, each elements of the process chain is demonstrated and the performance is evaluated on forming ultra-high strength materials for components with industrial relevance.

Expected progress beyond current state-of-the-art

The ESR12 project will cover all phases needed for establishing a micro bulk forming system for forming of ultra-high strength components. This includes tribological effects, micro forming machine, billet preparation, an in system feeding and transfer system, analysis and design of the forming process, the properties of the formed component as well as tool design and manufacture. Target application will be micro metal components for surgical tools and dental implants.

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24 JUNE 2018